Sexy things of note!

Hi sexy internet friends! Incredibly excited to be speaking at George Brown’s The (Sex) Talk hosted by their LGBTQ Students Group!

Next Body Pride dates!!

Friday April 10th, 7-11pm, $50
Saturday April 11th, 7-11pm, $50 (*co-ed)
(Please email me at to register for these workshops!)

Also, here are some really wonderful things that have come into my peripheral as of late. Some are beautiful, funny, haunting. Check them out.

This video on women who pole dance and why.

The Full Body Project of beautiful full bodies.

This adorable comic strip on aftercare.


This CBC Documentary on The Truth About Female Desire that I’m naked in a few times.

This article about Open Marriages and child-rearing.

This meet and greet for alternative, happy and socially aware beings that want to be part of our amazing porn world.


I hope everyone’s sexy journey is doing them well and pushing them to be more fulfilled human beings in whatever sense that means to you ❤