The Eye to Penis Virginity Story

As I sit here in Starbucks, at 9pm on a Saturday night, waiting for my Fran’s shift to start, and eating a banana, I decided I wanted to talk about penises. Because this is what I think about every time I eat a banana… And so do most people. This is also why a friend of mine has extreme difficulty eating phallic-shaped foods in public.

I figured it was only appropriate, after having written an ode to the clitoris to at least touch upon the other spectrum of things. Except I’m not quite sure what to say about them. Penises, that is.

They are quite fantastic things, that is for sure… Not quite so mysterious as the female anatomy, but just as fun and promising of a good time.

Another friend (not the one who cannot insert oblong shapes into her mouth in public) (I’m also not making these people up… I feel ‘friend’ treads lightly upon the path of ‘this girl has no friends and is definitely just making shit up’ –instead of just flat out naming folks… You’ll have to deal and trust my narration) suggested I write about how to handle seeing a penis for the first time. Continue reading “The Eye to Penis Virginity Story”

People Be Hatin’ : Female “Circumcision”

Oh joyous day! I’ve become controversial (read: vaguely informative? idiotic? doubting my four years in University…)enough for haters!
It is okay, hater, I have been raised and breast-fed by the internets, your negative snark runs deep in my blood; my life force.

I love WordPress for it’s ability to let me censor the comments, but I did not want to ‘approve’ this one without sharing:

female circumcision ≠ female “mutilation” ≠ rape.
maybe do your homework before equating cultural practices with rape…

But this anonymous commenter has a valid point here, and I would like to make clear, as I seem to have blurred a few things together here in talking of the dear ol’ clitoris that should definitely not be blurred together. Continue reading “People Be Hatin’ : Female “Circumcision””

Medieval Pubic Hair

Okay okay, this is just a quickie before my 15 hour day gets the better of me, but it was just too hilarious not to share:

Apparently, back in the Middle Ages, straight pubic hair was a sign of too much masturbation. “[…]which presumably accounts for the wide popularity of miniature pubic hair curlers at the time.”


The Clitoris: Rub me I’m magic.

Welcome back my lovelies. I know all of you have been thoroughly interested in the sex, as I have appeared to have gotten more views in two days on this new, shiny clean blog, than I had in the first two months of another (less interesting?) blog.

Something has shocked me out of my knickers.

What is that, Caitlin?

As you may have guessed, due to the title of this post, it has to do with the CLITORIS. (Capital letters because it is on par with things like epiphanies, the Roman Empire and the smell of fall: aka, it is EPIC.) And guess what?! Continue reading “The Clitoris: Rub me I’m magic.”

At long last…

I’ve been tip-toeing with this idea for some time now.

What idea is that, Caitlin?

Why, to create a blog that is not a secret, nor anonymous, nor inaccessible to most folk that know me. WHAT A CONCEPT!

I know. I know. Some call me a genius.

Or a slut. Continue reading “At long last…”