People Be Hatin’ : Female “Circumcision”

Oh joyous day! I’ve become controversial (read: vaguely informative? idiotic? doubting my four years in University…)enough for haters!
It is okay, hater, I have been raised and breast-fed by the internets, your negative snark runs deep in my blood; my life force.

I love WordPress for it’s ability to let me censor the comments, but I did not want to ‘approve’ this one without sharing:

female circumcision ≠ female “mutilation” ≠ rape.
maybe do your homework before equating cultural practices with rape…

But this anonymous commenter has a valid point here, and I would like to make clear, as I seem to have blurred a few things together here in talking of the dear ol’ clitoris that should definitely not be blurred together. Continue reading “People Be Hatin’ : Female “Circumcision””