Sexuality & Relationship Coaching, 90/hr + HST

Do you feel like you and your partner are going in circles? Consistently having fights that seem to have no end? Using Gottman’s scientific approaches to improving relationships, Caitlin can aid you and your partner into communicating more effectively, recognizing cues in conversation,noticing attachment styles, and establishing constructive settlements, goals or agreements to move your relationship into a more mutually enjoyable space.

Having difficultly achieving orgasm? Has your sex drive lowered and you want re-invigorate it? Caitlin can work with you to discover your personal libido and how to work with it instead of against it. The Dual-Control Model is science’s most recent and effective understanding of how the human libido works, allowing for every individual to hone in on their specific state of arousal.

Caitlin is also available for coaching on Effective Communication Tools, Beginning Non-Monogamy, Body Image, and Porn-Literacy.

Online Dating Profile, 50 +HST

Having spent over ten years navigating dating websites, Caitlin has been overwhelmed with the quality of most peoples’ profiles. If you seem to be having zero luck, this service may benefit you tenfold in starting to meet the people you’d like to meet. This service includes an initial edit of your current profile, suggestions and questions that will help you build it up and a final edit with a last round of suggestions.

Online Dating Messaging, 35 +HST

If you’re feeling good about your profile but you still aren’t having any luck meeting people, Caitlin also offers this service to aid in constructing first messages, along with a handful of suggestions as to what not to say when contacting someone for the first time. Caitlin will review up to 5 messages you’ve recently sent and give specific and helpful feedback on what you are doing right and how you can improve.

Online Dating Package, 75 +HST

Includes both the Online Dating Profile & Online Dating Messaging services.

Speaking & Media*

To request Caitlin for a speaking or media opportunity, please contact her at