Church of Crush: Dance Away Your Sins. WITH ME.


GUYS. I am going to be here for this one!! I will be coming to Toronto at the end of March to do bizness thangs and whatnot and this includes shakin’ my booty with all of you sexual creatures. It will be a res-erection of ‘to being a slut’ within the Crush party times. I am incredibly excited to see all of you I have not seen in too long and too meet all of you I have not met.

Take note! I will also be hosting a Body Pride when I return! Potentially TWO (one women’s and one co-ed). It will be naked madness and I am completely and astoundingly excited for it all.

Contact to sign up for a BP!!

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I’d Tap That – Crush Parties

Just an update on what’s happening with the I’d Tap That project:

It’s kind of awesome. From what I can tell, we are bringing Toronto’s young people together to form a non-exclusive, non-judgmental, sex-positive community. This also happens to mean there’s a lot of make-outs. Crush parties are giant make-out parties, and we’re proud of it.

We have our third event coming up on Saturday and it’s all going down slumber party style (yes, wear that sexy lingerie, that onesie, boxers or briefs, your ex-boyfriends tee-shirt)!!  There will be ridiculously awesome yet timeless classics like: Spin-The-Bottle, Truth-Or-Dare, Dream Phone, Twister, etc.

Same as our previous events: everyone gets a number at the door – we’re back to the good ol’ tags again (safety pins on hand). The numbers allow for sleuth crushing to occur – see #22? Yea, they do have a great ass, don’t they? AND YOU CAN TELL THEM IN A CRUSH NOTE!!

On the bottom floor we will have a Crush Board set-up (we are still trying to figure out the best way to do this). It will be very circa Junior High, you get 3 blank Crush Notes and throughout the night you’ll be able to handwrite crush notes to people you see around the venue and pin them up to the board on the first floor.

Our Twitter feed will still be happening on the second floor/dance room, but all handwritten notes may be posted to the Crush Board downstairs – which we highly recommend you come and check out, at least at the end of the night so you know if you’ve caught anyones eye.

If the notes are not collected, we will post all of the left-overs on our website the day after!

On another note: I’d Tap That does hope to expand into more than just monthly mixers- workshops, products, seminars- but this is down the road. For now – come out and support us at our make-out parties!!

Also, I’m moving to Newfoundland for the year, SO THIS IS THE LAST CRUSH PARTY I WILL BE HOSTING BEFORE I LEAVE!!!!!! Come out and party hardy with me 🙂


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10 Reasons To Come To I’D TAP THAT’s Event

1. I will be there. And I’m famous.


2. Khadeja Wilkinson, Jesse Rae WestNess Fraser and Taken But Available will be there.

3. You don’t have to be single to meet awesome people.

4. No one will judge you – or… we put a great deal of energy into making the space a judgement-free one.

5. Drinks and dancing. Lots of dancing. Especially on my part.

6. Lucan, who’s the head honcho at The Central, is super cool, and their servers are all super sexy.

7. It’s summer. Everyone is wearing small amounts of clothing. And there are TWO patios that are all ours.

8. We have a live Twitter feed @_idtapthat, #CrushTO

9. We need to connect all of the incredibly awesome, talented, beautiful sexual beings in the city so we can build a community of support and friendship and sexy times.

10. Bewbs.

11. Khadeja Wilkinson is offering FREE KISSES.

12. The Condom Shack is being fucking amazing and giving us a $70 gift basket that we are raffling off!

I’d Tap That – A Venture Into Awesome

So. I’ve partnered up with some amazing girls (Jesse Rae West & TakenButAvailable) to start something new.

As much fun as I have here at my To Be A Slut homestead, there are some things that it is never going to turn into (whether this is because I want it to or just logical technicalities, who knows), but we’ve created a space that will turn into everything I ever wanted to do regarding sexy things

Throughout my reign as sex queen, I have met (or, as they would say, ‘internet attacked’) some incredible women and men who are SOOO easy to talk about when it comes to sex. Who are genuinely interested in listening to me talk about my orgasms. Who don’t even blink an eye when I practically shout “I get SO wet when I drink wine” in the middle of Starbucks. Who will unabashedly stare a pictures of vulvas in the middle of a restaurant with me. Who will get naked with me. Who will dress up as slutty bumblebees and prance around my living room.

And I so badly want for all of you to join us in our uber happy world of sexuality that we have started a place to build a community.

We invite everyone (but our target audience is 19 – 35: Note, if you have a 55 year old lover, we more than welcome you to bring him/her to one of our events! We are not agist, we just recognize that different generations come with different histories), we encourage people to talk without worrying about offending anyone – as long as you are coming from a place of love, we won’t judge you if you aren’t politically correct all of the time, relax.

We will be bold, but not scary. We will be in your face, but not forceful. We will be proud, but not cocky (well.. maybe a little). Mostly though, we are just going to be full of love and fun.

I URGE you to come out and meet me and Jesse and our anonymous TakenButAvailable (she might reveal herself to you if you behave) at our first mixer.

These posters will be all over Toronto in the next few weeks. Hit us up with a tweet (@_idtapthat) if you see one.

Everyone that comes will be given a pin with a number on it. Throughout the night you will have the opportunity to write little crush notes and put them into boxes which will be checked every 30 minutes. We are going to have an epic live Twitter feed on one of the walls that will have each ‘Crush note’ posted. Think someone in the corner is cute?

#23, you have the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen.

#47, I kind of just want to sit on your face.

#6, I’m blonde in polkadots, find me for a smooch.

It will be kind of epic.

The event is for everyone, regardless of gender, race, relationship status, sexual preferences. Seriously. Come meet me. I want to meet you.