Oasis Play Party hosted by I’d Tap That

As we dip into the naughtier side of life, we have partnered up with the amazingly sexy folks of Oasis Aqualounge to bring you I’d Tap Thats first official Play Party.

play party flyer - dec 30_edited-1

What is a play party Caitlin? Well, dear naked being, a play party is a sex party. There are open rooms with large (clean) beds that you are able to openly engage in sexy time with those of your choosing, or to watch others play. There is one private room at the very top of the beautiful old building that you can sneak away to if you’d like to do things behind closed doors. There are wet saunas, dry saunas, a hot tub, and outdoor heated pool (you can’t have sex in the water, but you can definitely get butt naked). Stripper poles, porn, bars. We are having our own Willy Wonka handing out handmade (vegan friendly) chocolate. We are bringing in Kink pro Sarah L. to run a wonderfully detailed and interactive workshop about how to get started with a kink relationship. And there will be various live porn sets throughout the night!

If you are between the ages of 19-35 and have been wanting an opportunity to go to a sex club, this is a great opportunity as we bring out the babely people that come to CrushTO to get a little bit babelier. $15 entrance fee.

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Closets Are For Clothes

Hey you sexy, sexy beasts. Today is National Coming Out Day!! The amazing folks of the HSSE put together this super adorable and naked video to show their support, and I am so honoured that I was able to be a part of it! Keep an eye out for some more familiar faces in it as well 😉




CrushTO: XXXBox

Ladies and gents and all those in between! It is that time again. CrushTO, gamer edition, is happening this Saturday, April 27th at Club 120! Get cho bootiful booties down there for some spring-time sexiness and bask in all of the gameboy lovin’! (I will not be at this one, but the rest of the stunningly amazing Tap That team will be!!)


Sexy Updates

crushmarchI would just like to take a moment to thank all of you incredible amazing people who fill the Crush parties with so much acceptance and love. It was so wonderful to be back amongst all of you, even if it was just for one night. And to the beautiful naked ladies that joined me (once again) in a splendiferous evening of hilarious stories and boob-bouncing dance moves – THANK YOU. You are constantly reminding me to be as naked as often as possible. And to top it all off, I also had the amazing opportunity to partake in MTV’s ‘Losing It’ (a sex-positive show collecting and sharing stories of first times) and there shall be a naked surprise coming up for those that follow this project (wink wink!).

There are so many exciting things on the horizon! The girls of I’d Tap That are setting the motion of the sexy ocean and I cannot wait to see what next year will look like!


If you missed the last Crush Party, the next one will be Saturday April 27th, see poster below. Alas, I shall not be present for that one. I will, however, be in Toronto for our one year crush-versary! Stay posted!!


(As a side note, if anyone who may have access to cheaper/free flights would like to help me out, I would be eternally in your debt! Please shoot me a message at ck@tobeslut.com)

Church of Crush: Dance Away Your Sins. WITH ME.


GUYS. I am going to be here for this one!! I will be coming to Toronto at the end of March to do bizness thangs and whatnot and this includes shakin’ my booty with all of you sexual creatures. It will be a res-erection of ‘to being a slut’ within the Crush party times. I am incredibly excited to see all of you I have not seen in too long and too meet all of you I have not met.

Take note! I will also be hosting a Body Pride when I return! Potentially TWO (one women’s and one co-ed). It will be naked madness and I am completely and astoundingly excited for it all.

Contact ck@tobeaslut.com to sign up for a BP!!