Body Pride is a completely nude body-image workshop. Caitlin K. Roberts hosts a facilitated group discussion around sexuality, relationships and our bodies, followed by an uplifting naked photo shoot featuring you dancing to your favorite song (photos optional). Going on it’s 4th year, Body Pride is a unique and powerful experience that allows for openness, acceptance and vulnerability.


“Dear future naked beings, this will be the most amazing and invigorating experience you will ever have! It is an amazing time! Embrace and love your body!”

“This is such a great experience. So much love and positivity. I haven’t felt this comfortable in a social setting in a very long time. I’m so happy to be invited to these workshops. Everyone here is so special and beautiful.” – Jesse

“Hello ladies of the naked evening! Perhaps you’re feeling a little unsure about this night you’re about to undertake, but rest assured, you’re in for a goodie! This is such a wonderful chance to listen and learn about fantastic women (including yourself) and how their experiences have shaped the sexual forefront.” – F.

“I was kind of scared coming into Body Pride but it was so not needed! The womyn that I met and talked to were totally amazing. This is such a positive place and I feel like I belong and can share without judgement. I feel encouraged and welcoming and want to pay it forward. Such a pleasure. I will be back.” – Yaa

“Fantastic workshop! I have had so much fun. I never would have thought I could do something like this, but the environment was perfect and I was so comfortable. It was great, I would love to do it again!” – Adrienne

“I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I know I found it, because I feel it and I’m sure it’s not the wine!” – J.

“I couldn’t have guessed how liberating and empowering this would be. Amazing! Thank you.” – Danielle

“I am normally introverted and have social anxiety but tonight I felt I was among friends. This was just what I needed. Thank you so much. I hope to come back soon!” – Kate

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14 thoughts on “BODY PRIDE

  1. You know I love you and I think you are an incredible writer. Based on my history you also know Im no prude and open to “alternative” or “unconventional” expeditions. Now don’t get me wrong, I think the whole love your body think is fantastic. Am I 100% satisfied with my body? Hell no? Do I think I ever will be? Hell no? Would posting naked pictures of my self on the internet make me feel any better about myself- I certainly don’t think so. I know the whole idea is to love your body regardless and embracing your sexuality but I do not feel that splashing images of my vagina all over the internet is the way to go about it. Theres a lot of reasons for that. One, I don’t want my family to be subject to that. It would definitely be seen as disgraceful to them swell as my boyfriends family, my nieces and nefews and yes my very corporate co workers. Is it likely they would find it? No probably not- but how easy it was for someone to send me a link via phone and for me to pass it along. Thats just not something I choose to share with the world in a photographic sense. With that said- I hope to one day feel confident enough to be a part of your naked body group-without being photographed-I feel that that is enough power in its self. Im also a firm believer in things coming back to bite you in the ass, and that coming back would definitely be a huge bite. I hope to catch up on all your blogs Ive missed, don’t stop writing baby cakes!

    1. You don’t have to have your picture taken if you don’t feel comfortable. Also, It is YOUR body, Not your families, or your boyfriends families, or even your nieces and nephews.

      This is amazing and I cannot wait to attend.

  2. kinda strange how you promote everyone else to be nude on your site, yet theres not a picture of you nude?

  3. LOL, ok thank you, not denying the fact i somewhat WANTED to see more of you nude, but i also felt it was your ‘duty’, being the whole ”’spokesperson” for nudism regarding this site.

    Didn’t mean it in malice just wasn’t impressed with the initial arrangement.

    Maybe you should have a whole dedicated ‘pictures of me nude’ page *big smile*

  4. I get that there is nothing shameful about our own bodies, that they are beautiful and natural and I enjoy being naked at times too. At the gym I enjoy stripping all the way down, walking around, taking a shower, a steam, a jacuzzi with other women, some whom I know, others that are complete strangers. I enjoy taking a peek around and seeing other bodies that are not my own. I love getting the chance to skinny dip up north with my friends in the summer, there nothing quite like the feeling of water on bare skin. But I don’t understand the purpose of taking photographic evidence. Why do you take pictures? And why do you post them on the internet? Don’t you think that exposes you to quite an uncontrollable degree? The World Wide Web is a big place, and nothing’s ever gone for good. These pictures are a choice you’re making in your 20’s that you don’t know how could affect the rest of your life. Is it not enough just to have your friends over and have an awesome naked hangout? Why do these parties, that don’t seem like that crazy an idea, when you think about Turkish baths have to be accompanied by pictures that are then released on the internet? It seems like very risky behaviour to me… I see it’s suppose to be empowering, but when you put it on the internet, you are no longer in control of anything, and in effect become powerless to control your own naked image/body. Also, I see what your trying to do with the term ‘slut’, but I’m just not sure that any cuss word can ever really be successfully repurposed. Example: no matter how many rap songs or pop music hits use the N word, it will always be racist to say that word. No amount of repurposing of it will ever take away the deep history and abuse that that word carries with it. I think maybe you’ve grown up in a safe environment where ‘slut’ doesn’t have much power for you, but believe me that world is powerful, and negative for any gender. I think its confused to say you are proud of your own sexuality while self-proclaiming yourself a slut. I know women who’ve fought their whole lives for just the opposite.

    1. hi e.

      i completely respect where you are coming from and 100% understand it. at the same time, every persons own body is just that – their own. and what they choose to do with it is 100% their choice.

      from my own perspective, being naked on the internet is not a loss of control, it is a gain in control. i didn’t snap some raunchy nude of myself, send it to some guy and have him plaster it all over the internet without my consent. i had an opportunity to recognize that i wanted to be okay with my body, and perhaps that meant that more women needed to see what other women looked like naked. if posting a picture of myself simply and joyously naked would help this, then i am glad to do it.

      so often our own nudity is framed by the gaze of the ‘other’, which is backwards and does not make sense to me. by choosing the image i believed better interpreted how i felt about my own nudity, i got to frame it.

      as per the word ‘slut’, i have a lot of personal history with it ( and my theory is that if one person is experiencing it, it is definite that someone else is to. i am offering a grounding as to how we can turn this negative slur that has been used against us into something that can be used as a powerhouse and something positive (afterall, the word ‘slut’ was always used towards me when someone was not keen on my sexual decisions. but guess what? those decisions are MY decisions, not yours. so what does it matter?)

      1. I think women have an in-built fear of giving themselves away, i think women identify with their body more than their true personality. I think many women use it, manipulate with it, influence with it, but rarely love and own it. When its all you have, how can you give it away or expose it without ‘loosing’ something? You cant, because your too invested in it. But when you own and love yourself, you realize your body is just a part of you, and then you can share it with others without feeling compromised.

        By every technical definition available, im as far from a slut as i could possibly be, which means nothing, it doesnt make me better than anyone else, and when we respect eachother and eachothers decisions, and stop defining eachother by the way we use our bodies maybe we’ll have more liberation around the word ”slut”.

  5. that was directed at e.

    But also to say i wholehearted understand, condone and relate to the mentality and expression of the blog owner.

  6. I’m not at all a fan of women… especially the women in porn. They just seem fake (and during their scenes probably running a low-grade fever). I will take the Pepsi challenge for these women over the women in the adult industry because they seem more realer-er than the one depicted in adult films. Porn (and Disney) movies have shaped the way we look at ourselves and relationships because of the expectations of what a damsel in distress or what a “hot” woman looks like. (I hate the term ‘hot’ it seems degrading call a women, ‘beautiful’,’pretty’ or even ‘luke-warm’). This is an awesome site where women can finally get guys and girls or themselves to say, “Hot Damn!” (or “Warm-darn!”) It truly is an empowering site and its women like this that I would like my daughter (hopefully will have no children in the future) to follow and look up to when it comes down to topics like this. Because like all guys when it comes down to this topic of beauty and looks we are pussies, but when it comes down to “boning” we’ll jump at that chance. This is a truly kick-ass website.

  7. Wow the women here are hot! The prolific porn with the advent of internet has actually made average women sexy. Perfect women are no longer sexy. They are a dime a dozen. But an average woman sexying it up is hot! It could be that quiet office girl who doesn’t say much ripping off her clothes and dancing doing the shimmy.

  8. One of the first things I noticed about the pictures were the magnificent smiles all of these beautiful women were exhibiting. I could see the absolute beauty and the illuminated smiles which tells how these women feel. Needless to say I was completly turned on. As a man, I have fought myself about my own body image. I have always been concerned about the size of my penis, my belly, the hair or lack of and so forth. I am fortunate to have been with wonderful women who let me know that they found me attractive because of me which has been helpful to say the least. I hope body pride becomes a nationwide movement. As a man, I have often felt somewhat ugly and ashamed of my body. I have always been fearful of public showers and I do not dare allow myself to be naked around other men out of fear of being ostracized by the size of my flaccid penis which is a nub. Now fortunately, my lovers were introduced to the aroused version which is pretty typical in size. I want to be able to be naked and smile, feel proud and attractive instead of being fearful. These women are gorgeous and they look like they feel good about themselves which makes them even more sexy to say the least.

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