Body Pride at Come As You Are!!!

body pride - CAYA dec 30

We are expanding! Thanks to the awesome folks at Come As You Are, Body Pride will have its first workshop at the super amazing sexy time store on DECEMBER 30th at 6pm.

This particular workshop will be a ‘Girls Only’ evening. A note on ‘Girls Only’ (which I like because it reminds me of little boys in cartoons who hang the ‘Boys Only’ sign on the treehouse… except we get to hang it outside the room that we are all dancing around naked in): The Body Pride events are not exclusive. All of the people involved with Body Pride and I’d Tap That go above and beyond to ascertain we make you feel warm and fuzzy, even if it’s just a little bit. “Girls Only” includes everyone who identifies as a woman.

I am a strong believer in acknowledging someone as a fellow human being. Gender, sexuality, hair color, race, religion, age – all come as interesting points of conversation. Really, I just want to throw some love at you. Deal with it.

However, the next workshop will be ‘Co-Ed’. Or… Co-Ederybody… Lawl… Meaning: EVERYONE is welcome. Date TBA, but I will keep you posted.

Contact me ( or your host for the evening, Julia Lewis ( to query about signing up for a slot!

Much love my sexy chickens.

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