SPIT [on me…please?]

Oh hey guys. And gals. And all gender neutral folks. And anything in between.

So, to summarize for you here, the current and ongoing projects that have so wonderfully flourished from the pile of Phoenix ashes in my creative mind are:

1. Body Pride. With credit due to Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross for inspiring that one (truly, Body Pride is a less intense, less expensive, and more drunk version of what she does, and with the knowledge of a 20 something – that’s minus 60 something years of life experience… sorry guys – as a side note, Betty and Carlin, if you ever find yourselves on the East Coast of Canada, please let my husband cook you dinner while I top off your wine glasses).

2. I’d Tap That. Which has also been created by 3 other very inspiring young women (Khadeja Wilkinson, Ness Fraser, Jesse Rae West).

And now, I present to you a third (I know, right? Jeeze Caitlin. Stop with the projects. It’s like your puking new ideas. Get it together woman!):




A little background information on yours truly: I pretty much have an English major (my mother pulls her hair out with mention of the ‘pretty much’ – sorry mum). I attended U of T for like… four years studying English and Studio Art. Weird, right? I know… you imagined me crawling out of the womb, dancing naked, wine bottle in hand. This is how I like to picture it, too.

straight from the womb

I did this schooling stint because of my passion for the written word. To further press this point, I give you an excerpt from my journal, written about a year ago:

What fascinates me most about him, is that I think he may prefer the written word over sex. Or they are on some form of par with each other. A quality which is so… rare and unique it is absurdly appealing to me. As my equation of sex and writing is one and the same. To write is almost to bring me to the same visceral joy that sex brings me to. My equation is different though, as I seem to have tied the two subjects into an intricate knot which I tend to obsessively keep tightly wound. To write is to delve into the mind, to delve into the minds of others, to delve completely and utterly into the world be it bad or good, but to just drown in every instance that surrounds you. And to be intimate with someone, to kiss someone, to touch, to undress, is to delve so intensely into another person in a physical sense that writing can only paint. Sex and writing are my Yin and Yang.

So, after saying all this, I shall now tell you that spit is not only the bubbly liquid living in your mouth, but will also be a tastefully, artistically erotic magazine. It is the brain-child of Khadeja Wilkinson and myself. 

our first real drunken night together… ❤
from the last Crush party


For those of you who don’t know – and you should. Be embarrassed if you don’t – Khadeja is the photographer at Body Prides. She has been an active and brilliant participant at every single Body Pride since they began in January. She is also part of the I’d Tap That group. She also happens to be an incredible artist and photographer, and is even pretty well-written. This gyal be all over da place (I’m sorry. I’m listening to booty shaking music and it makes me excited…).

Khadeja is taking charge of the artistic side of things.

I am taking charge of the written part of things.


We will be offering the magazine to purchase online in its completion – your work will be printed. And of course, like all new publication projects, you will not be paid. The good news is that we are not charging you to submit your work. Like a lot of publication projects.

Now… as Khadeja has so aptly put together, this is what spit is:

A magazine designed to encourage sexuality, spit is a project tailored to represent truthful, unfiltered erotica; It isn’t about airbrushing, it isn’t about “50 ways to please your man”. spit embraces inner labia. spit loves it when boys make out. spit thinks intersex is sexy as fuck. spitis for everyone.

Aimed to function something a little like Playboy, but opened up to the entirety of sexuality,spit wants to be beautiful and eye-catching. Think Vogue (if its images were honest), with the boldness and adventure of VICE, and a sexuality unlike that seen in the mainstream. spit embraces the feminist (because feminist surpasses gender) and wants to exemplify the raw attraction of all sexualities, completely free of discrimination.

spit speaks sex with style; real sex, all bodies, all orientations.

Masterminded by myself (Khadeja Wilkinson) & Caitlin K. Robertsspit will serve as an autobiography of human sexuality.

work in progress, check out the website and keep up with us for updates, invites, sneak peeks and more.

Voyeurism is still a form of participation, lovers.


There is nothing on the website. It is pretty pitiful. But the first copy of spit is going to be epic. E.P.I.C.

So send us your work. Send us your sexy, sexy work. And we may publish it.

All written things (erotic stories, sex info writings, poems, blurbs, speeches, rants, narratives, plays?) send to: ck@tobeaslut.com

All artistic things (photos, paintings, drawings, collages… I don’t know… things that aren’t words) send to: khadejaw@gmail.com



Also. If you are interested in modeling or getting into erotic photos or movies – contact me and I will hook you up with someone 😉

3 thoughts on “SPIT [on me…please?]

  1. Hi I’m New To This Site,I Live Over In The UK,I Just Wanted To Say Having Not Seen Many Photo’s Of Yourself,The One’s Above-You Are HOT!,Respectfully And I Do Mean That,It Would Be One Lucky Person That Gets To Eat,And Fuck You.I Like To Be A Giver,And Blimey I Would Take Time With You-Hope Not Offends!!

  2. There was a very real perception that bi-racial was much worse for the white than it was for the person of color. The liberal culture screamed racism when there is a very reasonable explanation for this reality::::
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    And this is the reason why people of color are not welcome in the United States. The gods control everything:::The perception they want to create, the thoughts they want you to have.
    People of color can’t recover from absorbing the temptations from two cultures. And why they become more and more like so many blacks in America:::Veterans at absorbing the temptations of two cultures.
    To further illustrate this is why California’s educational system/funding was ranked #1 when California was white:::Education being the basis of the affluent economic system. Now even public higher education has become unaffordable.

    The gods placed us all into our own corners of the globe. As such for thousands of years we spent time and reproduced with out own kind.
    This is why mobilty/travel, biracial unions/offspring and partaking of other cultures is a sin::::
    Each has it’s own elements of disfavor, and by experiencing other cultures you are being exposed to these disfavors, which if people may adopt will make their state even worse than prior.
    The United States has been considered a “melting pot” where rejects from around the world were sent when kicked out of their motherland.
    Remember, this concept of cultural diversity is an element of the liberal platform the gods used to promote societal decay, revealed on the map with the “beast” that is the SanFranciscoBayArea and the spread of social deterioration that spread to the rest of the country and eventually to the entire globe.

    As with some things in this life “less is more”. Sex is one of those things. They used the liberal age to promote casual “free” sex intentionally::Combined with “women’s lib” and their initiation into the “trenches” of the workplace as well as other issues like alcohol consumption the people experienced a mass masculinization of the females.
    The gods use sex as temptation. This is why the most disfavored among us are preoccupied with it. While some may feel being well-endowed is a sign of favor the truth is just the opposite. And often the result is misogyny, a belittling of the favored gender, and stagnation of the people as a whole.
    Less is more. When young women experience passing thoughts which say you’re doing something wrong instead of fighting or dismissing the thought you should heed the warning. Sadly in today’s world too many experience prolonged periods of promiscuity in their lives, whereas if married by 15 like throughout human history this disfavor was avoided.
    Don’t forget:::It is children who ascend into heaven, and the absence of sexual activity is one reason. Their general innocence is another, which should help you see the destructive nature of adult life in today’s society.

    Ronald Reagan spent the communist block into submission with defense buildup, and in the process increased the National debt from $1 trillion in 1980 to $6 trillion when he left office.
    W charged both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to the national debt, honest numbers to come.
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