The Future of The Naked Beings


It’s been a while, eh? I have not abandoned you my internet besties. I have been off galavanting in the real world meeting so many more awesome folks, planning for bigger and more extensive nudity and happy sexuality times.

I was perusing the event page for our next I’d Tap That shindig (August 31st, Capes, Comics & Cunts styles) and there is just an abundance of awesome coming from so many people that I have yet to meet. Our last mixer drew in nearly 400 people. We had the awesome DJ Ray Ruby  playing kick-ass music all night long, photographer Becca Lemire snapping beauts like this:

It was a night of epic awesome half-naked people in their PJ’s.

And the last Body Pride?! Holy moly flying fuck. I could not love you women more (and men). It was our 12th and largest Body Pride yet. 9 of us women sat around for my last scheduled Body Pride in Toronto and interacted on a level that surpasses all bar conversations, all childhood friendships, and all drunken texts.

So. What’s next, you ask?

What happens to ‘To Be A Slut” when she moves across the country to a tiny city with lots of whales and  super cheap rent? What happens to “To Be A Slut” when she gets hitched and and then leaves this booming, incredible city behind?

Don’t think I haven’t thought about this, you gorgeous internet-dwellers. I have plans. So much plans.

First and foremost, Newfoundland is not scratched off the list of me attempting to hold naked parties there… If Body Pride could go national… Oh man.

Secondly, Body Pride is not disappearing in Toronto. After much thought and deliberation, I have chosen a wonderfully amazing woman who attended a workshop a few months ago and I have just been getting more and more excited about her. Julia Lewis will be running her first Body Pride on August 24th (7pm – 11pm).


credit: Jennifer Moher Photography

Julia is pretty friggin’ stellar. For the past few weeks, she has been taking rigorous notes about the ‘how-to’s’ of running the workshops. All future workshops will be run from a convenient location (MUCH more accessible than my tiny Beaches apartment) that is owned by a dear friend of mine (and of I’d Tap That). Khadeja will continue on as our magnificent naked photographer, and I will continue to be organizing the attendees (mostly because I want to know all of you still). But our lovely Julia shall be filling in as the ‘conversation facilitator ‘ (self-given title) in my absence. She seems very excited. Which makes me excited. She also wrote chu guys a lil summ’n summ’n:

I think people need to be naked more often. No, really. Growing up, I had very low self-esteem, and was very private about (and ashamed of) my body. Throughout high school and in the time since then, I’ve worked at building my relationship with myself; at loving myself – both inside and out. I’ve come to a place where nudity feels natural to me, and I have a healthy level of respect and love for my body. Part and parcel with that is my interest in human sexuality and the ways we look at and talk about our own bodies and the bodies of others. When a good friend linked me to a post on Caitlin’s blog, I could see immediately that I agreed with her line of thinking, and found her writing engaging and thoughtful. This led me to explore her website further, and when I happened upon the Body Pride section, I knew I had to attend the workshop. I mean, come on: a group of women sitting nude in a room, talking through their relationships with their bodies and the obstacles encountered therein? Sign me up! 

The night of my first Body Pride, I went in expecting to feel like an old hand; after all, I had already been through my journey to accepting my body – but I figured I would be able to pass along some wisdom to any attendees who were less enlightened than I. How arrogant of me. What I found instead was a warm, safe, accepting atmosphere where I shared parts of myself I didn’t know I was keeping secret. We all told stories about how we’d grown up and our experiences with our own sexuality. It was clear that everyone in the room felt safe to share these most intimate parts of ourselves. Then, we all got up and danced to rockin’ music, taking some of the silliest and most fun pictures I have ever seen.

We all have insecurities, but I have discovered that nudity can be very freeing. That night felt like freedom. So when Caitlin approached me about facilitating a couple of workshops after her move East, I jumped at the chance – almost literally. I’m super excited to embark on this journey with Caitlin, Khadeja, and everyone else involved, and I can’t wait to meet you at the next Body Pride!

And so, with Julia on board, I bid you farewell Toronto. I leave for the East Coast in one week. Do not fear, my chickens, I will be back.

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