I’d Tap That – Crush Parties

Just an update on what’s happening with the I’d Tap That project:

It’s kind of awesome. From what I can tell, we are bringing Toronto’s young people together to form a non-exclusive, non-judgmental, sex-positive community. This also happens to mean there’s a lot of make-outs. Crush parties are giant make-out parties, and we’re proud of it.

We have our third event coming up on Saturday and it’s all going down slumber party style (yes, wear that sexy lingerie, that onesie, boxers or briefs, your ex-boyfriends tee-shirt)!!  There will be ridiculously awesome yet timeless classics like: Spin-The-Bottle, Truth-Or-Dare, Dream Phone, Twister, etc.

Same as our previous events: everyone gets a number at the door – we’re back to the good ol’ tags again (safety pins on hand). The numbers allow for sleuth crushing to occur – see #22? Yea, they do have a great ass, don’t they? AND YOU CAN TELL THEM IN A CRUSH NOTE!!

On the bottom floor we will have a Crush Board set-up (we are still trying to figure out the best way to do this). It will be very circa Junior High, you get 3 blank Crush Notes and throughout the night you’ll be able to handwrite crush notes to people you see around the venue and pin them up to the board on the first floor.

Our Twitter feed will still be happening on the second floor/dance room, but all handwritten notes may be posted to the Crush Board downstairs – which we highly recommend you come and check out, at least at the end of the night so you know if you’ve caught anyones eye.

If the notes are not collected, we will post all of the left-overs on our website the day after!

On another note: I’d Tap That does hope to expand into more than just monthly mixers- workshops, products, seminars- but this is down the road. For now – come out and support us at our make-out parties!!

Also, I’m moving to Newfoundland for the year, SO THIS IS THE LAST CRUSH PARTY I WILL BE HOSTING BEFORE I LEAVE!!!!!! Come out and party hardy with me 🙂


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3 thoughts on “I’d Tap That – Crush Parties

  1. Just found out about this through a friend who went on the 28th.
    Do I really have to wait a whole year until the next one, or is someone else running it while you’re away?!?!

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