CO-ED B.P: Naked Girls (And Boys) Make My Heart Sing

Look how absolutely amazing these girls are.

Body Pride is actually becoming what we ever so dearly need in this society. I pinky promise you. Ask any girl who has attended and they will only bellow in ecstatic joy of how much fun they had and will try their darndest to convince you, that you, too, should attend.

And with this, I bring to you: Co-Ed Body Pride.

Our first Co-Ed Body Pride will be taking place Friday June 8th, 2012. At this moment, there are 4 spots for men, and 2 spots for girls. If you would like to come and I do not know you, a friendly interview situation will be going down. Don’t get nervous – seriously, I just want to make sure that the environment we will be creating is a positive one and I just wanna make sure our head’s are in the same place… I’m fairly consistently goofy – the interview is nothing to get antsy about.

Rules in place for Co-Ed Body Pride:

1. Most importantly, this is not a sexual environment and never will be. I totally love boners and I think a well-lubricated vagina is a beautiful thing, but we shant be acting upon these urges at Body Pride. If you get an erection: awesome, I will most likely sleazily thumbs-up you and raise an eyebrow, but that will be the extent of how far we go. If you find someone damn sexy and they are keen on looking for new friends/sexy partners, I happily urge you to hit on them as soon as you exit the workshop.

2. Everyone must be naked. Sometimes we have girls in panties, that’s cool, I ain’t gunna force you to undress, and if that is your state of comfort, I’d rather you not have a panic attack and remain pantyed-up. BUT, due to the level of awesome that Co-Ed Body Pride will be, I would like everyone attending to be ready and prepared to shimmy down to the bare bottomed.

3. If I have more people interested than we have room for, all interested pre-approved names will go into a lottery and will be randomly selected. If all goes well, we will have another one and the names that weren’t selected will get priority over any new interests (And let’s be honest, they are going to be kind of epic, so we will have many more).

4. No couples. People who are in relationships are good to go, and the both of you can totally come to separate workshops – but, you just can’t come together. Sorryz.

Co-Ed Body Pride will be $45 (cash only) and will include food/(non/)alcoholic bevvies/and a professional photoshoot from my brilliant co-worker Khadeja.


Yeah. I did it. Your very own nudist experience in the city without it seeming weirdly cult-like.

You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “CO-ED B.P: Naked Girls (And Boys) Make My Heart Sing

  1. Oh not for the 1st time since I found your blog do I wish I lived in your fair city. Sadly I am across the pond and very much not close enough to joyfully throw my name into the Sorting hat. Damn. Wish you the very best of luck with the BP shoot – looks like it will be awesome! Big old naked love,

    J x

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