A Whole New World: Bodysex Workshop with Dodson & Ross

I’d like to scorn the media.

But who wouldn’t these days. The only thing I can tell you with all my heart: DON’T RELY ON THE MEDIA WHEN IT COMES TO LEARNING ABOUT SEX.

Rely on me. Completely. Your unwavering faith in me can’t possibly go wrong.

Or, if you don’t like me enough to rely on me (which is more than likely, either because of my in-your-face personality or my affinity towards horizontal stripes), then put your faith into this woman:

The Beautiful Betty Dodson

Betty Dodson is 83. Eighty fucking three. My grandmother is 83 and just came out of the hospital from heart surgery. This woman. This woman is teaching women how to masturbate.

How flippin’ awesome is that.

Betty Dodson and her business partner, Carlin Ross, have just released documentary footage of one of their Bodysex Workshops.

Caitlin! (I hear you bellow) What is a Bodysex Workshop?!

You could probably throw in some guesses at this point, but I will do my best to take you through the experience.

A group of women get together, take off all of their clothes, look at and appreciate each other’s bodies and vulvas (the dressing room experience without any of the awkward ‘no… those weren’t my eyes on your pussy, you must be mistaking my gaze for… something else…’) and then all partake in group masturbation.

Fricking. Fantastic.

I subscribe to e-mails from the DodsonAndRoss website (so should you), and the last one I received told me to go pay some money and watch this video. So I did. Within the first five minutes I was texting my domestic life-partner and my little sister telling them how absolutely crucial it was that they come over immediately and watch these naked women talk about their orgasms and their cunts (after hearing an 83 year old women say ‘cunt’ numerous times within a two hour period, the word really becomes a powerhouse).

If you are a female (or a male that would really like to understand/look at the female body), I recommend with no question about it that you spend twenty bucks and watch this footage.

Ever thought your pussy looked ‘different’? That your childhood masturbation deformed you? That your orgasms were ‘weird’ or ‘unusual’?

What this video does is bring women together – it talks about everything that needs to be talked about. Each woman sits, spread eagle (with one leg over Betty’s) in bright lighting with a mirror in front of their vulva. This alone makes for a shift in life views.

A friend of mine sent me a reddit link to a guy that thought pussys were disgusting. That it didn’t effect his sexual performance – he still went down on girls and touched them- but the visual just threw him off.

Here’s the thing: girls are completely aware that what is between our legs can be wet, slimy, warm, flappy, floppy, puffy, reddish, brown, black, pink, white, hairy and basically unlike anything else on our bodies.

Fucktard, she's wonderfully gorgeous - but where is her vuvla?

The image of this sexalicious woman comes from a recently released calendar: 2012 Pirelli Calendar

All of these women are incredibly and magnificently beautiful. And they have vaginas.

To love one’s body seems to be a hard and arduous task these days. Which is strange, as you are born with it, you’d think that there even being an option to ‘like’ or ‘hate’ one’s body would be a moot point…

But we are surrounded by mainstream media telling us what naked looks like. Naked, is supposed to be sexy.

You reach puberty and all of a sudden it’s not cool to run around naked, because your body may arouse someone. You must learn to cover up, and leave nudity for bathing, odd moments when you need to switch your clothing, and sex.

Now. I don’t know about you, but when I get naked at home, I totally check myself out in the mirror and pose. I alter my natural nudity into ‘sexy nudity’. And then I walk away from the mirror, slightly satisfied with some decent chest lumps and a well-practiced lip pursing, and: I’m not sexy anymore. I’m just naked. I’m naked while I blow dry my hair, while I make coffee, while I dance a little to the new Black Keys album. I’m not BEING anything. I just am.

The idea of your audience needing to understand your body only in the ‘sexy nude’ is ludicrous. When did my dancing vehicle become an instrument for YOUR arousal?

I want to be comfortable naked.

I want to be all “Fuck yeah! This is my pussy! I like some pubic hair because my vulva gets a shit ton of angry at me when I try to rip it all out.” I don’t want to feel like its absolutely necessary that I wax, shave, buff every part of my body before someone ‘views’ my ‘natural’ self… I want to be all “Why should I feel ashamed about my body?! I am healthy and young and this is the body that allows me to dance and reach climax!”

And to do that, the words ‘shame’ and ‘guilt’ need to be removed from my body vocabulary. So. World. Here is me nekid:

fuck yeah!
not gunna lie. wine was needed for this.
and this is my vulva, facebook.
aaaand dancing nekid. hells yeah.
this is ma tushie.

Yep. So. That’s me naked.

Girls reading this: I want to have a page of full on non-sexual pictures of you naked. Lets be proud of our bodies just as they are. Contact me for a naked photoshoot – OR send me your picture (to ck.roberts@hotmail.com)!

Note: You are correct if you are thinking to yourself “Hey, she didn’t show her vulva in this!”

I’m working on it.

Peace sex lovers!

21 thoughts on “A Whole New World: Bodysex Workshop with Dodson & Ross

  1. I must admit, I found this post absolutely riveting. I’ve heard of Betty Dodson before, and while I won’t be viewing her footage, I think it is excellent that she is helping women to be comfortable with their bodies. I’ve encountered women in my past who weren’t comfortable with their bodies, and I thought it a shame, because the female form is beautiful. Thank you for sharing knowledge and self love…and for being a brave soul, even if it was wine induced bravery.

    1. here here! What he said. Caitlin this is awesome and it is completely clear why you are doing this, I just hope “going viral” people do not abuse what you and other beautiful women are trying to do here.
      Show your stuff ladies! I was one of those pre-teen girls who had no idea if my shit was normal or not.

  2. Interestingly, the most notable difference (in terms of visible beauty) between the pictures of you and the picture from the Pirelli calender is that you’re smiling. Which totally gives you the edge in the comparison. If the Pirelli girl was standing in front of me, I think I’d be scared that she was going to hurt me…

  3. My favourite is the spread eagled arms picture. So happy and so free!!! If I weren’t afraid of not being hired after law school or my parents stumbling across this I would have loved to participate! You are one brave lady!!!

  4. Fuck yes! You have no idea how much those pictures of you made me smile! Like a proper-cheek-to-cheek-how-flipping-happy-does-she-look-? smile! That took guts, kiddo! 😀 And hell yes, are you gorgeous!

  5. I followed the link here from Betty and Carlin’s site (Been a longtime admirer of Betty’s for decades. More than anyone else, I think she had the most influence on me regarding sexuality and women. So I attribute my healthy sexual upbringing to her.)

    I have to say, wow! You’re beautiful! And so are your other friends whose body pride pictures you’ve posted! Post more and as many as you want to. I’ve been reading your other blog posts, and I just love your attitude, too! With all of that in mind, it would be worth the flight up to Toronto to get with you! 🙂

  6. I also followed the link here from Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross website. I was in The BodySex Group video and I fucking love this blog…it’s exactly what we were all hoping for … and the photos were a sexcellent touch and a lovely bonus (let me know when the vulva photo is added…I’ll be back for that).

    I shall email you my photo promptly.

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