That Awkward Moment You Realize It’s Not Just A Sex Dream

happy... beginnings?

Oh the wonderful moments you can experience living in a new-age, technologically advanced society – where someone brilliant folks come up with a product for females that functions as a vibrating alarm clock. That’s right fellow females: this bad boy is meant to wake you up by hanging out in your knickers all night (apparently it’s form fitting and comfortable…) and then BAM, clitoral joy bright and early. Tell me, what could possibly be a better way to wake up (without the option of a willing sex partner to constantly rouse you from your slumber day after day). Facebookians and random blog-haters, I bring you: The Little Rooster!

2 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment You Realize It’s Not Just A Sex Dream

  1. Not gonna lie…I’m tempted to buy it, even if just to try it out. I doubt it’d work, but hey, I c ould return it within 30 days! Not sure how L would feel about me coming my face off while she hasn’t even cracked an eye open yet EVERY morning though…

  2. Love love! Unfortunately doesn’t have me “coming my face off”, but it is still the nicest way to wake up.

    btw it IS form fitting and comfortable, strangely. Once it’s in right and warms up I hardly notice the thing at all

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