Freaky Medieval Sex: The abject and the natural body

Boop oop de doop.

Sexual icons!

I have no idea what that was about. I haven’t posted a blog in some time so I decided to just pull up a blank post and see where it took me. But Caitlin, I hear you ask, what if it takes you on a journey through something like thinking about…. I was trying to think of something completely non-sexual, to then be able to tell you, dear reader, that everything in my mind comes back to sex. Really truly, sex is where it’s at.

I was looking around my room for an answer for ‘…’ above: bed (obvious), lamp (lights on or off?), eye mask (blindfold), dream journal (yes, I keep a dream journal, because I’m awesome sauce and am trying to learn to lucid dream BAM) (but really, my dreams? do we even want to go there. That is some messed up shit).

You know who was messed up? Medieval Catholics. Their logic was just all over the fucking place. (If you are religious, I may step on your toes here. I suggest you look away.)

Those who wished to achieve true sainthood had to undergo a metamorphosis that transformed them into the consensual victims of the torments of the flesh: living without eating, without evacuating, without sleeping, regarding the body as a dung hill, mutilating it, covering it in excrement, and so on.

Catherine of Siena (1347 – 80) stated one day that she had never eaten anything more delicious than the pus from the breasts of a woman with cancer. Then Jesus says to her (or so she says): “Not only have you scorned sensual pleasures; you have defeated nature by drinking a horrible beverage with joy and for the love of me.”

How is this all relevant to sex? Because those freaky religious folk believed had these strange notions about the natural body and the abject body. Virginity was important. That or completely destroying your body. WTF. One chick, beautiful blonde shapely thing or whatnot, Lydwne was her name, is told to get married. She refuses because she MUST hold onto her virginity, so she starts destroying her body so no one will want to marry her. “Imposed terrible sufferings on her body: gangrene, ulcers, epilepsy, plague, dislocated limbs. […] Like Job, she lived on a plank covered with dung, wearing a hair belt that turned her flesh into purulent wounds.”

Sounds nice, no? All just because she didn’t want some man’s penis inside of her.

And then what? You want to know what happened?! We went from one flipping extreme to the next.

Thank the French Revolution for this one: the Libertines.

“[…] the insubordinate and rebellious libertines wanted to live like gods and, therefore, to free themselves from the religious law by blaspheming and thanks to voluptuous sexual practices.”


Twas all about accepting the quest for pleasure, no longer accepting the definitions and boundaries of ‘good’ with reference to God, you just went with the natural gut instinct. Quest for pleasure, or the delight in evil: either was nothing more than an expression of a sort of inner drive; “man’s inhumanity could therefore be regarded as consubstantial with his humanity, and not as the effect of a fall ordained by fate or the divine order.”

So, when someone said something like “Monsieur is in love with Madame” it really just meant “Monsieur saw Madame, the sight of her excited desires in his heart and he is dying to get his prick inside her cunt”. (That’s an actual quote from a book from Robarts. Fantastic, no?)

It all sounds fine and dandy. We still more or less function this way today. You go to a bar, see a pretty girl, you’re not exactly imagining how fantastic her ideas on the environment are, are you?

But the freaky Libertines didn’t stop at that. They went the next step. This is one of their fantasies. Actually, I don’t know if it was a fantasy, the book doesn’t say, I am saying it is a fantasy for the hopes that we may just sit here staring at the screen and think the world is a better place than this…

“The libertine must seek pleasure with the ultimate degree of pleasure with the most unlikely beings, both human and non-human: ‘A eunuch, a hermaphrodite, a dwarf, and eighty-year-old woman, a turkey, a small ape, a very big mastiff, a she-goat, and a little boy of four, the great-grandchild of the old woman’. Once the collection of anomalies has been assembled, the libertine must enjoy them by inventing a never-ending sequence of positions that defy representation. The libertine must embugger the turkey and cut its throat as he ejaculates, then caress both the hermaphrodites sexes at once, ‘the crone’s bum being poised above my face so that she splatters shit over my features’, while he buff-stuffs the hermaphrodite and takes an ass-fucking from the eunuch. He then has to move from the arse of the goat to that of the old woman, then to the arse of the little boy as another woman slits the child’s throat: ‘I was fucked by the ape; once again by the mastiff, but asswardly: by the androgyne, by the eunuch, by the two Italians, by Olympia’s dildo. All the others frigged me, licked me, treated me in every part, and it was only after ten hours of piquant enjoyment I came out of those peculiar orgies.”

This is why balance is important.

It is 6:00 AM. I think I should likely get to sleep now…

Here is something pretty…

art makes things better.

One thought on “Freaky Medieval Sex: The abject and the natural body

  1. mmh yeah i see your point but that extract of the libertines sounds more satirical to me, like, sarcastic? i mean, its like they just wanna provoke, like a strange piece of art, but maybe im wrong… then its horrible of course

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