At long last…

I’ve been tip-toeing with this idea for some time now.

What idea is that, Caitlin?

Why, to create a blog that is not a secret, nor anonymous, nor inaccessible to most folk that know me. WHAT A CONCEPT!

I know. I know. Some call me a genius.

Or a slut.

Ha. Awesome segue-way much?!

So this is a summarization I suppose, of me completely sex-a-lizing myself in whatever way I already haven’t.

After assisting an actual sexologist in a blow job/hand job workshop, I was invited to join the Facebook Group “Sexologists United”, and by default, have become a ‘sexologist’- by whatever standards a cesspool of  “Psycho-Spiritual-Sexual Healers” may have. But hey, I’ll take what I can get.

So what gives me credentials? Apparently knowing how to decently provide pleasure to the male anatomy is enough… But other than that, not a whole lot. Apart from contributing some rather risque articles to a small University magazine considering things of pornography and whips, I have no PhD to back me up. However, those flappy things made from trees with small printed letters smacked all up over em? The ancient concept of a book seems to have provided the average schmoe with enough information to drown a small village.

Perhaps I’ll work on my metaphors…

Back to sex: I have it.


(I know. Insane. Who’d wanna get up on this shit, I hear you ask. A valid question, but that’s a whole other ball park.)

(Also bracket-worthy thing of interest is: even as I re-read my own statement of sex-having, it seems bizarre to actual fess up.  Shock and abhorrence of confessed vagina being put to use.)

But in all my plethoric experience, turns out you don’t actually need to have a lot of sex to know a lot about sex.

(Although, who would turn down this type of hands-on learning? Wink wink, nudge nudge *sleezy face*)

But let’s not lie here: the majority of people don’t go out and read up on the Kama Sutra in their spare time. Instead, we rely on our natural instinct BAM, and every now and then TV shows pop in with some terrible advice which is backed-up by whatever menial how-to guide our parents gave us at one point in our youths. And the internet. Ohhh the wide expanse of the innernets. (I am convinced that the internet has probably raised me more than my actual parents have. Validation of it’s power and nurturing bosom…)

So why not have someone sum it up. It’s all I seem to talk about with you folks anyway. I’m not complaining– I keep talking to you for a reason. But I seem to find a lot of repetition occurring…

Straight girls in fear of their inner lesbians.

Men wanting their women to dominate more.

Women not knowing how to dominate.

Fear of anal sex.

Fear of oral sex.

Terror of your own genitals. WHAT THE FUCK IS DOWN THERE?!

A hells a lot of relationshippish bullshit.

And all round mis-information on fetishes and fetishists.

To name a few things.

So I take the stand! In this World Wide Web full of ‘facts’ and blogs on sex, I shall place myself cozily among the 429 people who I’ve “friended” (regretting it now, hey?) on the Facebook and tells ya all about how I have sex.

Or something along those lines.

In regards to the name of this website, I just went straight for the punches and got to the finger pointing and name calling before any of you’s could.

One thought on “At long last…

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